Australian Seltzer

Australian Seltzer

A deliciously carbonated blend of 100% natural native Australian fruits, herbs and roots infused with a refreshing vodka base using natural water. Maceration of Lemon Myrtle and Finger Limes are blended with extracted juice from Wild Ginger.

The finger limes expose an unmistakable freshness with the lemon myrtle providing a beautifully developed perfume.

Refreshingly light with a delicate effervescence that carries a subtle sweetness perfectly balanced with the bold lemon myrtle. The spice of the wild ginger complements the acidity and sweetness delivering a refreshing effervescent drink that will excite your taste buds!

Pour over ice and garnish with fresh or dehydrated citrus or if your out and about, straight from the esky with a simple twist top and a straw is super convenient.

We use real macerated fruits, herbs and roots that are passed through a micro-filter leaving a fine sediment. To maximise flavour simply roll bottle before opening.

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