Passo del Tempio, Cattarato, 2019 (Organic)

Alpha Zeta

Passo del Tempio, Cattarato, 2019 (Organic)

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Alana McGettigan and her winemaking team produce the Passo del Tempio wines from the same estate as the Cento Cavalli.

A fresh, modern Catarratto from this classic Sicilian white grape variety and a deeply coloured, approachable Syrah, both are made according to the same principles as the Alpha Zeta range, with the focus on realising the potential of the indigenous grape varieties and inspirational quality vineyards.   The name, Passo del Tempio, derives from the path running alongside the remains of some of Sicily’s ancient temples, built by the Greeks, who brought the vine to Sicily 3,000 years ago.

Pale lemon in colour, this Catarratto is crisp and characterful. Citrus fruit and herbs combine with a hint of minerality on a vibrant palate which is lifted by a refreshing vein of acidity.