Holm Oak Vineyards


Holm Oak is the labour of love of dynamic duo, Bec Duffy and her husband Tim Duffy. Since 2006, they have followed their dream of crafting delicious expressions of cool-climate Tasmanian wines. Bec is the winemaker and Tim is viticulturist.

The Holm Oak team has been crafting luscious expressions of cool-climate Tassie wines for more than 14 years – and the winery has gone from strength to strength. So how did this success come about? It’s worth considering the juxtaposition of the roles that Holm Oak’s team, Bec Duffy and her husband Tim Duffy, play.

Together, Bec and Tim intend to make Holm Oak a successful sustainable business while raising their family in one of this country’s most distinctive and hospitable places. Try one of Holm Oak’s wines and you’ll notice they’re packed with flavour and a wonderful natural acidity. Bec believes this natural acidity is a covetable asset from their Tassie terroir and results as an important attribute in the wines as it gives lightness and balance, built around the texture and flavour composition. Lately, Holm Oak’s wines are also benefitting from a more minimalist approach, with an increase in the percentage of natural fermentation and reduction in additives and finings.