Maxwell Eight Bells Shiraz 2016


Maxwell Eight Bells Shiraz 2016

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‘Eight Bells’ in nautical terms represents the finish of a sailor’s time on watch - a time to relax and enjoy something to eat and drink, and the company of other crew members. This wine is perfect for such occasions, be they at sea or on land...

Dark cherry red in colour.  This wine displays a varietal Shiraz nose with raspberry, plum and red fruits coupled with savoury notes and subtle oak spice.  The palate is full yet balanced with fleshy plum, black pepper and rounded out by soft tannins. Well balanced acid and tannins give a persistent length with the classic McLaren Vale fruits giving great length.

Varietal: 100% Shiraz| Appellation McLarenvale | 14.5% ABV | 6.0g  Acidity, 3.55 PH

Size & Packing : 750ml x 12