Maxwell Honey Mead


Maxwell Honey Mead

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Best pure varietal mead - Gold Medal -  International Mead Festival Competition, USA

‘The original mead. With a keen and enquiring mind Ken Maxwell was a student of history, a notable measure of eccentricity saw his passion lean not to the long deceased Kings and Queens filling the educational text books of the time, but to the obscure and creative beverages upon which they indulged.

After a decade or more experimenting with different honeys and yeasts the famous Maxwell Honey Mead was born. The first commercial label was released in 1966 and with it, the birth the Australian mead industry.

Bright, golden hues. Floral beeswax and nutty marmalade-like aromas. Refreshingly light on palate, subtle apricot and honey characters fill the mouth. Predictably sweet but not clawing.  Serve chilled in a stemless wine glass. Can be freshened with soda water and a slice of lime.

12.5% ABV | 6.0g  Acidity, 3.2 PH

Size & Packing : 750ml x 12