L'Avenir Methode Cap Classique, L’Avenir Brut 2017


L'Avenir Methode Cap Classique, L’Avenir Brut 2017

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L’Avenir Brut offers a sensory extravaganza.  Exceptionally clean, it fills the entire mouth with rich flavours of white pear, citrus and subtle notes of honey; all accompanied by a refreshing crispness.  The delicate titillation of tiny bubbles leaves a lingering impression of attractive drinkability.

Selected Chardonnay and Pinot Noir vineyards were harvested by hand at optimal ripeness for base wine production.  A moderate and memorable vintage for Methode Cap Classique, which yielded elegant wines with notable aging potential.

Degorgement Date October 2016 | Varietal 172% Chardonnay, 28% Pinot Noir

ALCOHOL CONTENT: 12.16% Ale, Vol. ACIDITY: 6.9 g/L, PH: 3.12, RESIDUAL SUGAR: 6.9 g/L