Terra du Mieru No.15 Negroamaro - 2020


Terra du Mieru No.15 Negroamaro - 2020

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15, as the Century into which red Apulian wine was carried to Gallipoli port into clay amphorae called “capasoni” to reach the Orient.  At that time Negramaro was called “Niuru - Mauro” the compound of two words coming from two different languages: Niger from latin : Black and Mauro from Greek : Black = Literally Black Black.  The incredible intensity of its Purple red together with its strong character  explains everything.

BOUQUET: intense and persistent bouquet, with hints of blackcurrant and berry fruit, spicy, with balsamic and vanilla notes. TASTE: a smooth and balanced full-bodied wine with a long ad pleasantly flavored finish.  FOOD PAIRINGS richly flavored first courses, meat and cheese

Varietal 100% Negroamaro| Appellation Puglia I.G.P. Rosso Negroamaro | 15% ABV