Terra du Mieru No.16 Primitivo - 2020


Terra du Mieru No.16 Primitivo - 2020

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16, as the Century when we have the first evidence of  Primitivo due to Benedictine monks who first start cultivating this variety.   It takes its name from the fact that the grapes naturally ripen before the others. From Latin “ Primativus”, later turned into Old Italian “ Primaticcio” : literally the first to ripen.  From that time, it became the real flagship of Apulia’s wines.  It’s a strong intense red wine with fruit jam and wild berry aromas with some spicy notes that recall the Mediterranean land.

COLOUR: Intense red.  BOUQUET: Fruit jam and wild berries aromas. TASTE: Round and smooth. FOOD PAIRINGS It perfectly matches with red meat and game.

Varietal 100% Primitivo| Appellation Puglia I.G.P. Rosso Primitivo| 16% ABV