Terra du Mieru No.17 Appassimento - 2020


Terra du Mieru No.17 Appassimento - 2020

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17, as the maximum days of grape drying under Salento sun for our appassimento.  A small cut is made, and the bunch remain linked to the plant but doesn’t not receive water and nutrients anymore from it. In this way, the grape starts drying concentrating sugars and giving the wine the typical notes of ripe fruits.  It’s a very ancient technique used by Egyptian, Phoenicians, Greek and Etrurian to concentrate sugars in their wines.  Homer, in VIII a. D., Spoke about sweet wines made with Appassimento technique as of “ Antique Perls”.

COLOUR Ruby red wine with intense purple hints. BOUQUET Red fruits bouquet.  TASTE On the palate, persistent notes of vanilla enhances its velvety and smooth flavour. FOOD PAIRINGS Pleasant accompaniment to savoury first courses, roasts, game and aged cheeses.